Favourite Jumper – Slow Fashion

Photography: Dauna Kaag
Model: Sara @VDM Model Management
MUAH: Kelly Staa
Styling and Concept: Valerie Brugman, Tanja Surup, Robbi Groefsema


Being a styling student at Academie Artemis, Valerie, Tanja and I wanted to promote the trend of slow fashion.


In recent years, the clothing industry has been dominated by fast fashion. It has spurred overconsumption whereby people buy more than they need and created a throw away economy.


Instead of a just-in-time production process, slow fashion encourages consumers to hold on to clothing items longer and repair their clothing items when need be.


This photoshoot  tells a story about a girl that loves her jumper so much, she wears it all day everyday. People of our generation are not used to that anymore. With different ways of styling for different situations, this girl wears her favourite jumper no matter what!