Perfect Imperfection

Model: Anthea Bronwasser

Styling and Concept: Masami Bouwman, Tessa Alberts, Valerie Brugman, Anthea Bronwasser, Robbi Groefsema

Edit: Robbi Groefsema


Trend forecast video Academie Artemis 2017


Young people worldwide have problems with their self-image. Social media plays a major role regarding this issue. It gives a distorted picture of one’s life and appearance. It creates such high standards, that it’s unhealthy for our mind and body.


Fortunately, there is movement in the field of perfectionism. Increasingly, models with a different appearance are used to serve as role model.


In our prognosis, we assume that in 10 years time, the “imperfect” look will become the new standard. People with an appearance that we now call “perfect” will wish to deviate a little more from the normal, perhaps using plastic surgery to have a more “imperfect” look. This will create a new trend that’s called “perfect imperfection”.