Hotel Not Hotel – Determine your dream [fictitious]

For my casestudy I designed hotel rooms for Hotel Not Hotel in Amsterdam.


It started with my fascination for dreams and subconsciousness. How does it work and can you affect them in any way? I guess we all know about lucid dreaming, but is there another way to affect your dreams?


After a thorough research I found out that it ís possible, by using your senses. How cool would it be to decide what you’ll be dreaming before you go to sleep?


I designed four hotel rooms, each with a different dream scenario. In room one, you would be sipping a cocktail at a tropical white beach. In room two, you would be experiencing the northern lights in Lapland. In room three you would be on an adventure in the jungle and in room four, you would be chilling with your new whale friends in the middle of the ocean.


In every room I used an associated kind of color, sound and smell. By sensing these sensory perceptions while you’re sleeping, it should really make a difference about your dream subject. Unfortunately, most guests didn’t remember their dream. And because most of them where typical Amsterdam tourists, I think some other ‘substances’ could have a more significant impact regarding their dream world…