For Wildeburg I designed a dance and lounge area in collaboration with Werktuig . Werktuig makes use of natural materials and residual waste to save nature as much as possible.


The use of willow branches is characteristic for Werktuig. That’s why we decided to make the DJ booth completely out of that material. Without designing anything beforehand, we just started building and so the DJ booth originated in this organic wave shape.


The neon mandelas in the DJ booth were originally crochet work from granny’s era. I painted them in such a way that it had a psychedelic effect in combination with the multi coloured lighting. This gave the audience a unique experience.


The over-all style of the area was in Bohemian style. Self made mandalas were hung around the dance area. We used old Persian carpets and -pillows in the lounge area to suit the music genre, which was called “Carped House”.