Jongwijs [work in progress]

In collaboration with Werktuig, I’m designing a ‘lunch garden’ for Jongwijs.


Jongwijs is a Bed and Breakfast, built in a national monument, based in the village of Westzaan. This monument used to serve as a bakery for generations. And now it’s her time to shine as a Bed and Breakfast with a lunch and dinner opportunity! To remain true to the historical value, Jongwijs only wants to serve food and drinks with a story behind it. They work together with a young baker who only bakes bread using traditional recipes and the coffee they serve is locally roasted by inmates, just to name a few examples. The purpose of Jongwijs is to connect people through stories. Especially to connect the young ones to the old ones…


I found out that Westzaan was full of stories that could be interesting for both the younger- as well as the older generation. I came up with the concept of building different seating spots, each with its own historical story, told throughout the design of the furniture. The design should attract young people and the stories behind it would attract the older people. This way, the two generations might connect with each other.


I designed a picknick bench (see photographs) that tells a story about the bluing factory in Westzaan, a drawbridge that tells a story about the North-South border of Westzaan and secret lunch boat which tells a story about the jews in Westzaan during the second world war.


This work is still in progress, but we aim to finish our work in the summer of 2023!